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Formato de Registro de Firma

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to legalize documents used abroad, requires updating records of signatures of public officials and citizens who exercise legal competence to support public or official documents issued by the country's various institutions.

The Signature Registration Form allows compliance with the process of legalizing documents through an Apostille or Certification. Its purpose is to certify the validity of a public official’s post throughout his/her career to Certify or Apostille signed official documents and verify their legitimacy.

The following types of officials can complete and send this information:

  • National and regional officials
  • Panamanian Foreign Service officials
  • Diplomatic Corps accredited in Panama
  • Certified Public Translators

The Signature Registration Form must be completed and sent in the following cases:

  • Removal or entry of an authorized signatory to the institution
  • Change of post of the authorized signatory in the institution
  • Temporary entry of an authorized signatory to the institution

The procedure to complete and send the Signature Registration Form is the following:

  • Download the form from the webpage
  • Copy-past the form’s content on a letterhead paper of the official’s institution
  • Fill out the required information
  • Place a passport-sized photo in the corresponding space and sign
  • Signature of the official’s supervisor to formalize the document
  • Save the document as a PDF in the following manner (Date-Country-Institution-Post.pdf) (e.g. 23072016-PA-MIRE-DIR.pdf)
  • Send the form to the following email address:
Signature Registration Form

Signature Registration Form

Procedimiento para el Formulario de Firmas y Abreviaturas

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