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Servicios Consulares

Family members of Panamanian expatriates can request the corresponding consulate to investigate the whereabouts of nationals before local authorities (i.e. police, immigration, hospitals, and morgues).

The consul will monitor cases of Panamanians imprisoned in the country of their jurisdiction and visit the inmates at jail.

Panamanians living abroad who lack economic resources can request their voluntary repatriation at their corresponding consulate. The paperwork is performed based on a joint socioeconomic evaluation of the petitioner with the National Immigration Service.

Panamanians abroad can request their corresponding consulate issue or renew a passport, with the prior approval of Panama’s National Passports Authority.

Panamanians who lack or lose their passport abroad can request their corresponding consulate issue a letter of safe passage to travel back to Panama, with the prior authorization of the Panama’s National Passports Authority.

A document that certifies a Panamanian expatriate is alive, as evidence for senior citizens and Social Security pensioner paperwork.

The consul can perform civil marriages at the consulate, per the requirements of the Panamanian Civil Registry.

Panamanian Consulates have Electoral Tribunal books that record the following: Expatriate Panamanian parents can register their children as Panamanians born abroad; spouses can register their marriages in Panama; and register the death of a Panamanian family member abroad.

The consul can authenticate the signature of original legal documents or certified copies issued by a notary public.