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Legal Framework

Executive Decree No. 3 of 4 November 1903, which creates the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Decree No. 30 of 5 January 1904, which regulates and organizes the roles of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attend the office of international negotiations.

Resolution No. 590 of 2 August 1996, which updates the administrative structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the adoption of its Charter.

Executive Decree No. 135 of 27 July 1999, which regulates Title II of Law No. 28 of 7 June 1999 on the Foreign Service and the Diplomatic and Consular Career.

Decree No. 147 of 27 July 2006, which amends Article 33 of Executive Decree No. 131 of 13 June 2001, which regulates the functions and structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and creates the General Directorate of the Diplomatic Academy.